Andratx is a peaceful town that somehow has managed to retain an untouched, enchanting feel. Like many villages in the island, it has a laid back bohemian feel with a selection of good restaurants, bars and a very popular weekly market. For ramblers, the area offers many walks - several of them signposted by the local authorities - up into the nearby mountains. It's hard to believe that this laid back atmosphere can change dramatically with just a short drive. Puerto de Andratx is just 5 kilometers away and is considered as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated ports in the Mediterranean. Luxury yachts bob up and down in the port, well-heeled people go shopping in designer shops and famous people from all over the world live in the area. Designer shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, all you can wish or need is in the port. Pamper yourself watching the sunset whilst enjoying a good meal sitting on the waterfront terrace of a restaurant.