Can Pastilla

Arenal is one of the most well known holiday resorts in the Mediterranean. Inbetween Arenal and the centre of Palma there is the quiet resort Can Pastilla. Stretching over 6 kilometres along the coastline, the beach of Playa de Palma, with its golden sands, shelves gently into the sea, and is backed by a series of beach huts offering convenient facilities such as showers and small kiosks. A recently constructed promenade (bicycle lane) links Arenal to Palma. A mini-train runs along the traffic-free promenade between Can Pastilla and Arenal, and there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to stop at, for those who choose to walk. Comared to Arenal Can Pastilla is a nice, family orientated resort. Can Pastilla combine lovely relaxed atmosphere with a lot of restaurants, shops and a beach that go´s on for miles.