Inca is the third largest town on the island and is conveniently-located on the motorway Palma - Alcudia. Most of the visitors of Mallorca is the city unknown because Inca appears in driving past not very attractive. But how it is with unknown - Inca should be explored: For shopping – here is Mallorca's famous leather goods industry based. The shoe brands Camper, Farrutx, Bestard are of global importance. The weekly market from Inca is well-stocked and traditional. Annual festivals, such as the "Dijous Bo", lure up around 150,000 visitors. A mix of exhibitions, markets, music and traditional customs offers something for everyone. In the evening notes the happy eater, that Inca has many typical cellar-restaurants (Celler). There will celebrate local cuisine, from rustic to new-meditteranean. This is not a suprise, because the best ingredients come from this area: Selected olive oils and wines (Binisallem), the best meat (lamb and the famous black pigs) and a wide selection of fresh vegetables are on a short way in the numerous restaurants. People who are interested in Culture visits the abbey of Santa Magdalena, which is located on a single mountain at the outskirts of the city or explore the nearby mountains of the Tramuntana mountains - now UNESCO World Heritage - with the abbey Lluc. Fans of Majorca were spoiled for choice because of the centralization of Inca and who thinks that the sea is far away ... in 20 minutes you will be at the Playa de Palma, or the endless beaches of the Bay of Alcudia quiet and rural location.